5 Best Onboard Battery Chargers In 2022 – With Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like fishing? This game is so much fun that people sit in boats and go fishing in the middle of the river or pond to have an adventure. But what if your boat’s battery gets discharged and you get stuck in the middle of the river or in the way? You need to have a good quality onboard battery charger in such a situation.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the best onboard battery chargers that we have found, especially for anglers like you and not only this, but we will also tell you how you can choose the best one for yourself. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the main topic.

Best Onboard Battery Chargers

Here we list the top 5 onboard battery chargers that can save you from being stuck in the middle of water while fishing.

1. Minn Kota Digital On-Board Battery Chargers

The Minn Kota Digital On-Board Battery Chargers is a very lightweight and portable charger with 2 banks and 5 amps per bank. It is a digitally controlled onboard battery charger that can easily charge 12, 24, 36 or 46 volts batteries. Its multistage charging system helps you charge your motor batteries very quickly as well as its single charge provides it with an excellent backup.

This battery also features an automatic temperature compensation system that helps maintain its temperature in any environment and avoids overheating. It has an LED indicator also, which indicates its power in real-time. It has been tested and can be used only in saltwater lakes, rivers etc. It has a microprocessor design that protects your battery from being overcharged or damaged. It has a universal fit, and it is entirely corrosion-resistant.

Top features

  • The charger has automatic temperature compensation.
  • It has a digitally controlled microprocessor.
  • It is 2 banks in size.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.


  • The LED indicator gives the correct information about it.
  • It is very lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Its multi charging system charges the battery very quickly.
  • It has a universal fit.


  • Not compatible with freshwater.

2. NOCO Genius GEN5X2

The NOCO Genius GEN5X2 is just a 5.2 pounds onboard battery charger and very small in size. It is a 2-bank onboard battery charger with 5 amps per bank. It is capable enough to charge at 12-volt AGM and lithium batteries and works at a current rate of 10 amps. It is small, but it is 43% more efficient than any other battery chargers in this range.

This battery charger can charge your motor batteries In any climate without overheating or damaging the batteries. All thanks to its integrated thermal sensor that quickly detects The temperature of the climate and adjusts the charging itself to avoid overheating. If somehow the batteries are dead, this charger can also charge it with the help of its force mode. It has been designed to be waterproof, and it is fully sealed from each side.

Top features

  • The charger has integrated thermal sensors.
  • It can charge 12 V AGM and lithium batteries.
  • It is a force mode that charges even dead batteries.
  • It is just 5.2 pounds in weight.


  • Its sealed pack construction makes it waterproof.
  • It is portable due to its lightweight.
  • It is very powerful and efficient.


  • It takes time to charge itself.

3. ProMariner ProTournament 360 Elite Series

The ProMariner ProTournament 360 Elite Series is a very heavy-duty onboard charger with a 36 amps quad bank and a very efficient performance. What makes it unique from other chargers is that it is 2 to 3 times faster and more efficient than other traditional chargers. It has a very premium look, and it is constructed in a waterproof manner. There is no space outside its body so that a single drop of water can get inside it. The multistage charging process of this charger helps to extend the battery life and charges quickly.

It has various charge mode indicators, and there is an LED display that shows the charge level and the modes on which batteries are getting charged. It takes only 4 to 8 hours to charge the battery completely. It can easily charge 12 to 40 V AGM and HP AGM batteries. It has a waterproof fan inside it that helps to reduce its temperature and avoids overheating.

Top features

  • The LED Display is also there in this charger.
  • It has a 36 amps quad bank.
  • It can charge 12 to 40 v batteries.
  • It takes only 4 to 8 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.


  • It is capable of charging AGM and HP AGM batteries.
  • It has high-speed and efficient charging.
  • It has seal pack construction which makes it waterproof.


  • Not capable of charging lithium batteries.

4. Guest Onboard Battery Charger

The Guest On-board Battery Charger has a 120 V of input and comes with 3 banks. It is 6.7 pounds in weight and has a 12 V 15 AMP 3 Bank charging system. It also has other safety features like over-current and voltage protection, which helps damage your battery. Apart from this, it also has inline fuses which protect DC wire.

This onboard battery charger can charge 12 V of flooded as well as AGM lead-acid batteries. It is hundred per cent waterproof and shock-resistant and capable of working in both saltwater and freshwater motors. This charger also has reverse polarity and an over-temperature ignition protection feature. It has good sensing and control for each bank.

Top features

  • It features a 12 V 15 AMP 3 bank charging system.
  • It has a waterproof construction.
  • It has inline fuses.
  • There are built-in safety features in this charger.


  • This charger is waterproof and capable of working in saltwater and freshwater.
  • It provides excellent and efficient charging to the batteries.
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • It cannot charge lithium batteries.

5. NOCO Genius GENPRO10X3

The NOCO Genius GENPRO10X3 is a fully automatic onboard charger. It features a battery desulfator and temperature compensation system, providing heat-free charging and maintaining battery health. It has better performance, and it is 33% more efficient than other chargers. Its 3 banks onboard charging system has a total of 30 amps of charge rate having 10 amps per bank. You can easily charge 12 V batteries for the boat, starter, etc.

It can also charge almost every type of 12 V battery, including lithium, AGM, and lead-acid. Its temperature compensation system automatically adjusts the temperature while charging. It has a very easy mounting by the help of which you can easily mount an amount or install in any direction.

Top features

  • The charger is capable of charging every type of 12 V battery.
  • There is a temperature compensation system in this onboard charger.
  • It has 30 amps charge rate.
  • It is a waterproof construction.


  • This charger has a very efficient and powerful charging system.
  • Its temperature compensation system helps it maintain its temperature in any climate conditions.
  • Its waterproof construction makes it very durable and long-lasting.


  • It is very heavyweight.

Buying guide for On-Board Battery Chargers

Buying her onboard charger sounds easy, but in reality, it isn’t easy because there are many things that you have to take special care of while buying it. He will tell you about those things. If you take care of it, you can choose an excellent onboard charger.

Capability: Before buying an onboard charger, check its technical specifications and make sure that it can charge the battery you want to buy it.

Safety and construction: Be sure to take care of the safety features of the charger and make sure that it is waterproof. If so, then only take it.

Water compatibility: the charger you want to buy doesn’t need to work for freshwater and saltwater. So before buying the charger, it is necessary to check what kind of water it is made for.

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This article told you about some Best Onboard Battery Chargers that are way too good and work very perfectly. Also, we told you how you can buy an excellent onboard charger for yourself.

We hope that now you can choose the best one for yourself wisely and if it is, then make sure to share this post among your friends and family.

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