How To Throw a Cast Net In Easy Steps

Fishing is an art that very few people can do. For some, fishing is simply a form of entertainment, and for some, it is a means of eating and living. Many people would think that fishing is very easy, but let us tell you that having some advanced fishing gear doesn’t make it easy.

You need to know many things to be a good fisherman. And one of them is how you can throw a cast net. You also need to understand how to use it. An angler needs to know how to throw his cast net well in the water, and if this does not happen, then fishing can be very difficult.

If you are also one of those, who do not know how to throw their cast net in water in a good way or if you want to learn how to throw a cast net in the water, then my friend, you have come to the right place.

Here we will tell you through some easy steps how you can learn to throw your casting net.

Why do we throw a cast net in the water

As you all know, people use fishing rods, fishing reels and many other fishing gears to catch fish. But with the help of all these, you can see at most one fish at a time or, if you are lucky, then at most 2 fish.

But some people like to catch fish with the help of a net. However, this is an ancient method but very effective. With its use, you can see a lot of fish at a time.

Although fish are very agile and react very quickly to even a tiny movement in the water, in such a situation, it becomes quite challenging to catch them with the help of a fishing rod.

But if you catch fish with the help of a cast net, then in an instant, all the fish get caught in your trap and cannot even run away. And this is the reason that the cast net is thrown into the water.

How To Throw a Cast Net

All the anglers who like to catch fish through the cast net have their different ways and techniques of throwing the cast net inside the water.

Some methods are difficult, which you cannot learn easily, and some are very easy, like children’s games, which you can know very easily and can throw the net well in the water from anywhere, even on a boat or on the banks of the river.

Here we will tell you about 6 very easy steps, with the help of which you will learn to throw a cast net in the water.

Step 1. First, lay the net on the ground and wrap its end, i.e., the rope, well in your left hand.

Step 2. Collect one-third of the lead line of the cast net in your other hand.

Step 3. After that, press that one-third part under your armpit.

Step 4. Gather the second third in your left hand and the final third in your right hand. Now you have one-third of the lead line under your arm, one third in your right hand and one third in your left hand.

Step 5. Now, by rotating the whole net, first the part in your right hand and then with the left hand and finally, leave the trap under your arm. While doing this, keep in mind that keep your shoulders in the direction you want the net to fly.

Step 6. Open your arms and let the net go into the water in a perfect circle.

As we told you, this method is very basic, and with its help, any angler can easily throw the fishing net into the water.

Tips To Throw a Cast Net

Throwing a cast net in the water is a game of technique and experience. Many people tell you how you can cast the net, but no one tells tips or tricks. But here we will give you some basic tips, on which, if you pay attention, you can learn to throw the cast net in a better way.

Throwing the cast net is not hard work, but how well you throw it is up to you. If you arrange it well before throwing the cast net, it can make your job even easier. While throwing the cast net, you must have fluid in motion, which means you have to do this work smoothly.

  • You need to be very careful and tightly hold the end of the net with your hand.
  • It would be best if you did not try to open the net by yourself while throwing।
  • The net opens automatically while casting with the help of your motion.
  • Try to be very calm and patient while casting the net.
  • Use only your upper body to gain motion, and try to learn while throwing it in water.
  • The more you practice more you know.

So, these were some basic things or tips that if you keep in your mind while casting the net, you can do and learn well from it.

Benefits of throwing a cast net properly

See, there are many benefits of throwing a cast net well in water, which you must also understand very well, but they say that the less you know, the less it is.

So here we will tell you about some of its other benefits, which are commendable to a great extent and you should also know about those benefits.

Covers water: If you throw the cast net well in the water, it helps to cover a good water area.

Prevents fish from escaping: Because the fish are very agile. If you do not want the fish that is caught in your net to escape, then you must know how to throw the fishing net well.

Avoids slipping: While throwing the net in the water, it happens to many that due to wet hands, accidentally, the whole net slips from their hands and falls in the water. To avoid this, you must be good at throwing cast nets.

So, these were some advantages, or you can say the benefits of throwing the cast net perfectly in the water.

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In this article, we told you how you could throw a cast net properly for catching fish. Also, we told you some basic tips regarding it.

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